SagaCoin is leveraging the best minds in blockchain technology with a mature ecosystem and progression driven by a dedicated foundation team.

We aim to build a global payment platform that cryptocurrency is not only for tech-savvy people. We wish SagaCoin will be used widely in every city in the world.

What is SagaCoin

Launched as an open source cryptocurrency in 3 Dec 2017. SagaCoin is a decentralized and secure masternode network project with long term goals. Our focus is to create a cryptocurrency that is accessible to all as a global payment platform for developers, investors and the general public alike.

SagaCoin is maintained by a friendly and committed community and with many exciting projects on the horizon, we continue to innovate and build on our reputation to launch into the mainstream as the most trusted and exciting cryptocurrency project in the market.

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Why SagaCoin

SagaCoin features great functionality as a crypto-currency, to service public with convenient, secure and easy payments.


Masternode secures blockchain network and make transaction instantly

Low Tranx Fee

Fast block time and Big block size


Keep your payments private so nobody can track you thanks to Darksend

Proof of Stake

Staking not only provides extra coin to holder but also secure the network to move forward


Advanced scrypt hashing to protect blockchain network


Send and receive payment worldwide

Our Specification

Algorithm : Scrypt
Block Time : 120 seconds
Block Reward : 25 SAGA 1st year (1-50 blocks 0 SAGA reward)
  12.5 SAGA 2nd year
  6.25 SAGA thereafter
Block Size : 2 MB
Proof of Stake : 180% masternode, 20% coin stake [total 200%] (1st year)
  90% masternode, 10% coin stake [total 100%] (2nd year)
  45% masternode, 5% coin stake [total 50%] (thereafter)
Minimum Stake Age : 8 hours
Transaction Confirmation : 10 blocks
Difficulty Retarget : 10 minutes
Masternode requirement : 2,500 SAGA
Masternode reward : 90% stake reward



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Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet


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Our Milestone


03 December Launched SagaCoin & genesis block mined
Setup Block Explorer 1
04 December Fixed Windows wallet version
Listed at
05 December Setup Block Explorer 2
06 December Released Masternode Guide
08 December Listed at
10 December Listed at
Listed at
15 December Setup Discord social channel
25 December Listed at
Listed at
28 December Listed at


21 January Translation Campaign
23 January Signature Contest
11 February Setup Block Explorer 3
Upgraded Block Explorer 1
12 February Listed at
29 March Released new wallet version
16 April Added FAQ page
17 April Upgraded node system
16 May Added Bootstrap
17 May Released Paper Wallet
19 May Listed at
28 May Released Whitepaper
13 Jun Listed at
16 Jul Added DNS Seeder

In Future

On Going Articles & Videos
TBA Signature Campaign
TBA Mobile Wallet (Android)
TBA E-commerce Plugins
TBA Payment Gateway
TBA Atomic Swap


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SagaCoin is a cryptocurrency aimed at offering seamless utility on public market. SagaCoin is designed to be easily integrated into several applications, including payment platforms, exchanges, and marketplaces.