Masternode Guide

-- Command (for Linux and Mac) --

Some important notes :-
* this color is the code that you type
* this color represent output from system

Go to your sagacoind file folder, then start it

Generate private key for your masternode, then save it down, you will need it later
./sagacoind masternode genkey

Get SAGA address for your masternode
./sagacoind getaccountaddress mymasternode

Send exactly 2500 to SAGA address above, run the command from other wallet or you may run it in same wallet too, just have to ensure your masternode address with exact 2500 balance
./sagacoind sendtoaddress "sVD4EUm47UhnzRfVCmUnk2oxMgAFaQLucb" 2500 "" "" false
The last word false means do not subtract transaction fee from the amount sent, so your masternode will have exact 2500 SAGA

You can check if you have received the 2500 SAGA into your masternode address
./sagacoind getreceivedbyaddress sVD4EUm47UhnzRfVCmUnk2oxMgAFaQLucb

For security purpose, it is recommended to encrypt your wallet with password, password of "password1234" will be used in this guide
./sagacoind encryptwallet password1234
sagacoind will be stopped after this command, don't worry about it, we will start it back later in this guide, don't start it right away

Add masternode details to SagaCoin configuration
vi ~/.SagaCoin/sagacoin.conf
Then you should see settings like following in your SagaCoin configuration file (add it if you don't):
rpcpassword=<long random string not the same as your wallet password>

Add the following settings to the end of SagaCoin configuration file (before you input the settings, please ensure you have your IP address on hand, we will use in this guide. And your masternode private key is required here)
(Very important note: Please don't be greedy, masternode will be invalid if you stake, so do not remove "staking=0" !!!)
We use default P2P port of 48744 in this guide, you may change to any available port number if you like

Start your SagaCoin daemon again and input your wallet password entered previously
./sagacoind walletpassphrase password1234 999999999

Now you can start your masternode with your wallet password
./sagacoind masternode start password1234

You can check if your masternode started successfully and running well with masternode list, this list should have your masternode IP address if your masternode is running
./sagacoind masternode list

If you lazy to find your IP from masternode list, you can filter with your IP
./sagacoind masternode list | grep

-- GUI (for Windows, Linux and Mac) --

GUI masternode setup is very easy. Open the wallet, click on the "Masternodes" at the left panel, then click on navigation bar "My Masternodes".

Input your desired masternode name at "Alias", then input your IP address and port wanted to use at "Address". In this guide we use default port = 48744. Then click OK.

Select your newly created masternode from the list, then click on "Copy Address". Transfer exactly 2500 to this SAGA address. If you transfer from another or same GUI wallet, just send 2500 will do. But if you are sending by command, you have to use command to exclude fee. And then you have to change configuration settings by clicking on "Get Config"

(Very important note: Please don't be greedy, masternode will be invalid if you stake, so do not remove "staking=0" !!!)
You have to replace your port assigned to this masternode at REPLACEMEWITHYOURPORT. The configuration file contains first 3 lines by default (rpcallowip, rpcuser, rpcpassword), so you just require to copy 4th lines onwards and paste to sagacoin.conf file.
You may find your sagacoin.conf at:-
Linux : ~/.SagaCoin/sagacoin.conf
Windows : C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\SagaCoin\sagacoin.conf
Mac : /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/SagaCoin/sagacoin.conf

Finally you have to restart your wallet, then goto "Masternodes" => "My Masternodes", select your masternode and click on "Start" button. And it is done, you can see your masternode listed at "Masternodes Network" after a few minutes.